Me and my curls – we’re good friends

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14 thoughts on “Me and my curls – we’re good friends

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  1. Every single woman should read this blog post….thank you Meryl for being so open and speaking so honestly 🙂 I also have very curly hair which I have been straightening to death for the past 7 years. Now I’m starting to slowly accept my natural look – no matter what other people have to say! Where did this idea come from that beauty = straight hair??? After all, it is our differences that make us beautiful – how boring would the world be if we all walked around with perfectly straight hair? You are my inspiration Meryl!


  2. Oh Meryl well said. I too was called “kroeskop” from a very young age. And the shame that this brought was unspeakably painful. Not to mention all the tears and energy and money that it cost to try and look “nice ” Good for you for speaking up for all of us who don’t conform to mainstream ideologies and media brainwashing. Forward the sisters forward!!


    1. Yes Aunty Wendy, people don’t realize what scars they leave you with… but a new era is upon us where those words are no longer seen negatively! And I could never have written this without the inspiration of all my curl sisters before me! I have learnt to embrace my natural beauty for all that it is and I am happier for it! 🙂


  3. Great piece Meryl! Just yesterday I had a discussion with my aunts about my Serbian holiday which is planned for June this year and how sad it would be to leave my beloved “soolkous” behind. Skaam my dood as my extended skoonfamilie nou die meisie met n soolkous sien uitslip in die nag badkamer toe :D. My man weet lankal dus hoe ek eintlik die hare in toom hou.:) Jy gee my weer nuwe moed, dat ek my naturals ook moet begin embrace! You go girl, you are truly rocking your new look!


    1. Aahhh Renata ek gaan seker nooit weer ń swirlkous gebruik nie!! Die dinge wat ons onsself deursit… ek is so bly ek kan ń paar mense inspireer! Baie dankie dat jy gelees het, en ek is so bly ek kan ń verskil maak, al is dit op die kleinste manier ❤


  4. Hi Meryl, love your article. I decided 13 years ago not to put chemicals on my daughter’s hair. She is so happy about her natural hair and had adopted the same mindset. At 13, she rocks her natural curls and sometimes to my dismay her bossiekop. Mom must still make the mind shift. 😘 coconut oil is our best friend. Kind regards.


    1. Thanks for your feedback! That is amazing 😊 I unfortunately can’t use coconut oil, it doesn’t work well with my hair at all. But I have found some other products that certainly do the trick! Keep well.


    You are so right,we really have been brainwashed and we try to love ourselves by striving to be a certain way, when we should just embrace and love what we already have.

    PS Nature Republic Argon Oil products are the best! They do make me look like a bit of a lion but who cares, lions are cute!


  6. Meryl! I’m so very proud of you! And as I’m reading this I can literally hear you saying this to me over a cup of tea for you and coffee for me. Keep rocking your natural hair! After all , you were rocking it early in 09 when we just met and became friends. Natural and…Red!


    1. Thank you so much for your response my friend!! I appreciate you taking the time to read so much! And yes lol why I didn’t just stick to it that time I don’t know… probably didn’t quite know what it really meant back then. But now I’m really enjoying every moment of it! 😊


  7. Jinne vrou jy slaan die spyker op die kop,Was nou regtig nice om hierdie te lees❤En ja,dis die beste besluit glo my!
    Op natuurlike,gesonde takhare,bossiekoppe,lekke hare


    1. Baie dankie vir die goeie en positiewe feedback! Ek waardeer dit regtig baie! Somtyds raak ek nog so bietjie ongeduldig met die hare lol maar dan ruk ek my maar weer reg en sien die bigger picture. 😊


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